Scratchbuilt 1/24th Heinkel He 162 A-2
by Fred Yarema

My Heinkel He 162 A-2 was my first totally scratchbuilt model. I managed to do everything the hard way on this one. I learned a great deal during the construction - "what not to do" anyway. The Volksjaeger Has a vac-formed fuselage, solid core wings and resin tail surfaces. The markings are a combination of decals stolen from that mountain of unbuilt large scale kits in my basement, painted markings and laser printed black stenciling. The pilot figure was a gift from Jerry Rutman, a super talented guy as anyone who has seen his resin parts and kits can attest to. He also did one for my Hornet, however I'll have to paint that one myself when time and overcoming the fear of figure painting permits.