Scratchbuilt 1/24th X-15
by Fred Yarema

My X-15A-2 was constructed from a 2" PVC pipe turned down on my lathe to the correct diameter. The nose canopy, tail cone, as well as the side chines are vac-formed .060 styrene, drape formed over lathe turned and hand carved Ren-Shape (very dense urethane foam) molds. The wings and horizontal tail surfaces are cast in solid resin from basswood masters. The fin and rudders were built from .040 styrene flat sheet from CAD drawn patterns. The rocket exhaust, "ball-nose" with reaction jets, and other round parts were turned on the lathe from chuncks of resin. All the decals were printed on my Alps printer from my original computer drawn artwork. The X-15 is about 26" long with about an 11" wingspan. I got a second place at the 2001 IPMS Nationals with it. Ron Lowery won first - I don't mind loosing to Ron - a real nice guy and a fantastic 1/24th scratchbuilder. It is now in the possession of a collecter in Wisconsin who saw it at the Nationals and made me an "offer I couldn't refuse".