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Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup

Kit Box Art
Kit Number32016
Kit FamilyWingnut Pup
Notes RNAS
Markings 5 Options: C280 ’18’, Standard built, War School Manston, Lt Goudy, June 1918. N6171 ’Black Arrow’, Sopwith built, 3(N) Sqn, FSLt. Pierce, April-May 1917. N6185 ’ANZAC’, Sopwith built, 4(N) Sqn, FSLt. C.J. Moir, April-May 1917. N6205 ’Betty’, Sopwith built, 3(N) Sqn, FSLt. J.S.T. Fall, April-May 1917. N6442 ’Julia’, Beardmore built 9901a Type, Walmer Defense Flt, FSLt. J.A. Shaw, June 1917. N6453, Beardmore built 9901a Type, HMS Furious, S-Cdr E.H. Dunning, July-August 1917

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