1/32 Bf109G-6
by Allan


  • Builders own resin cast propeller blades from own master.
  • Propeller spinner reshaped for correct cannon opening cannon barrel from machined brass.
  • Engine plumbed and wired with brass and copper wire. Additional engine fittings from scratch and parts from Edward detail set.
  • Reworked machine gun from spares box.
  • Exhaust shrouding from sheet brass.
  • Engine cover from kit but sanded to scale thickness and cut open with inside of cover detailed with stretched sprue.
  • Bottom engine cowling and oil cooler scoop reshaped to correct configuration with resin and putty.
  • Engine panel lines correction and rescribed.
  • Cockpit is Edwuard detail set with Revi gun sight from scratch. Reflectors are from cut slide-cover glass.
  • Canopy is builders own master carved to correct shape and Vac-u-formed with sheet butyrate. Center section is folded and glued butyrate.
  • All landing flaps were cut open and repositioned. Edwuard detail used again.
  • Wheel wells Edwuard detail with builder's own main wing spar from sheet styrene and wing ribs visible inside wing from same material.
  • Wiring and hydraulics visible in wheel well from brass and copper wire.
  • Landing gear cut and repositioned in correct angle and correct stance.
  • 300 Ltr. Type D drop tank resin copied from Hasegawa 190. All surface detail and rivets removed and rescribed to correct depth. Dents in tank added at this time.
  • Pitot tube from steel wire.
  • Tailwheel from spares box. Tailwheel mechanism reshaped kit part and detailed with sheet styrene.
  • Decals from Super Scale International and Eagle Strike Productions
  • All paints Testors enamels. Aircraft weathered with airbrush, dry brush and pencil.
  • Grass stuck in wheels is from old artist brush.
Allan Buttrick

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