Revell MiG-29 Fulcrum-A - Soviet AF

by Bernd Kramer

Here are pictures of my Soviet AF Fulcrum in 1/32nd scale. It's the common Revell kit, which was builded straight out of the box (like the Fishbed). I used Model Master Enamel colors to airbrush it and the CAM decal set #32-146 Menacing MiGs. The jets color scheme consists Ghost Grey (FS 36373) and Grey Green (I used he Euro Green I of Model Masters) on top and Light Gray (FS 26493) for the lower surfaces. This MiG29 was operated by an unknown soviet unit in 1989 at Maryy AB, Russia. The Model was pre-shaded and after applying the camo-scheme I did a washing with thinned oil-paints (black/rust mix). It took me about 60 hours to finish it, hope you like it.

© 2005 Bernd Kramer

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