Some more models
by Brian Cauchi of Malta
This shows the VB at Donington during the IPMS Nationals just after being awarded the trophies. We will get to know this Spitfire better in the mid future.
P-47 Razorback Thunderbolt
This is his P-47 Razorback in his words: 'This is an early model and not up to the current standard.' but I find it most interesting.
The nose art up-close. Note the panel lines weathering.
The model's wheel bay with it's zinc yellow colour. The flaps are, of course, dropped.
Revell Bristol Beaufighter

This is the model Brian built for the museum on Malta. With that in mind he built it out-of-the-box, but you can learn a lot from the weathering.

Interested in learning his techniques? Of course you are! Read the two articles that are for display on this page:

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