FW190 A-8/R-2

"Pimpf",Uffz.Matthäus Erhardt, 5/JG300

by Chris Novak

Matthäus Erhardt was one of the youngest Pilots of JG300 and the wingman of the wellknown
Klaus Brettschneider with his "Rauhbautz VII". This was my first "cutaway" , made from a REVELL kit, note the extra "Panzerplatten"-armor under the canopy ( made of a piece of a clear plastic-bottle), no extra armor at the canopy itself ( was removed from many "Sturmbock" ´s 9 and also removed upper-cowling MG´s 131, only the mounts are visible and gun-throughs are faired over, " Red 8" and "Pimpf" are handpainted . JG300 has it´s own very good website at www.jg300.de.

© Chris Novak 2003