Combat F-80C

by Larry Hawkins

I've been sitting on this Combat kit for over 8 months, if I didn't build it, it would be collecting dust! Here are a few things I added to give it the Korean War era look.

1. 1/72nd wheels and tires from the Monogram B-36 someone sent me on request

2. Gear legs and nose gear are from the Hasegawa F-86 kit, same for the nose wheel and tire

3. Pitol tube under the nose is from the MiG Killer kit

4. Bombs are from the Monogram P-51D kit, fuse lines were added

5. Canopy is from the Revell P-47D and the windscreen is from the Hawker Hunter kit

6. Rockets are from the Revell P-38 kit

7. Cockpit set is from CAM, it's the F-86 set, it comes close to the photos I have of the F-80C

8. Paint is from a can of Du-Pont colors and the shaded areas is from a bottle and hand painted

9. I gave it a black acrylic wash, wiped it down and waxed it

10. Decals are from the stash I have and the red stripe is auto stripping tape

It was a quick build and took two weeks to finish. If you want more info, give me a shout.

© Larry Hawkins 2003