Revell Mosquito
by Bill Inglee

This is a scratchbuilt cockpit for the Revell Mk IV Mosquito.

The model will eventually depict a plane from 109 Squadron RAF, the pioneer Oboe unit with Bomber Command during WWII. The nose will be painted out so the Oboe equipment itself will be extremely difficult to see unless a judge peeks through the access hatch with a dental mirror. Oboe was a radio direction system used by 109 Squadron for marking and precision bombing. In its early form Oboe used two base stations in England with a receiver/transmitter system in selected aircraft. Mobile stations were developed in time for the invasion of Europe.

The Oboe unit is made up of three boxes and a ³bundle of snakes² which wires the units together. It is fitted into the nose where the bombardier would normally work and connected to the aircraft power supply. There were relatively few cockpit modifications to take the Oboe system. From left to right in front are the: bombardier/navigator¹s seat; radio table and telegraphy key for the T1154 transmitter; antenna tuning unit for the T1154 transmitter; the Oboe unit; the 1154 transmitter; R1155 receiver; and Gee (navigation radio system) receiver.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory. It¹s a mix of Waldron, Reheat and scratchbuilt items. Upholstery is done with Miliput. Seatbelts and placards were added after painting. The original Oboe boxes were a dark grey with black and silver wiring (I guess black boxes sounded better than dark grey boxes).

The book Beam Bombers by Michael Cumming, (Sutton Publishing ISBN 0 7509 1998 1) has pictures of the Oboe system and the mounting frames

© Bill Inglee 2002

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