Phantoms... a lot of them
by Roy Norís

Right now I am working on a series of Phantoms in 1/32 scale. I have based the series on the Revell kit, although I have a both the F-4C/D and F-4J from Tamiya. I have corrected the noses of the Revell Phantom's. I've also converted the F into a G version. I originally planned to use the conversion set from TAC Scale Dynamics, but alas, it is not correct.

So my Phantom-projects is as follows, (which I hope to finish to our local competition in beginning of May this year):

  • 1x F-4E - not sure which decals to use. Would like to have theone from Missouri ANG "30 years of Phabulous Phantoms". Rumours says that this is included in the new F-4E kit from Revell, but it hasn't been released over here yet. Does anybody know if this kit has been released in US? Do you know if these decals are obtainable from other sources?
  • 1x F-4G (sharkmouth from 90th TFS, 3rd TFW)
  • 1x RF-4E - probably a German Tiger Meet machine (homemade decals)
  • 1x F-4J - this will be the Vandy 76 (VX-4 Bicentennial).

Nose Job
The left picture shows Phantom noses under construction based on the Revell kits. Right picture shows Revell's original nose in their new F-4F kit (upper), and my correction to the nose using Milliput (lower).

My correction of the Revell RF-nose. It's a little bit too short and slim.

My own conversion from F-4F to F-4G using my corrected nose.

Final Tip: When I made the correction to the Phantom noses, I first made a mock-up using clay. Just to see how much filler was needed to make the actual shape and to get the feeling for the form I had to make. Then I studied my work for a coulple of hours, removed the clay, cleaned the nose with dishwasher detergent, and on with Milliput. By doing this, I eliminated the try&fail-period


Jet Intakes
The 3 pictures of the intakes show my solution of how to emiminate the problem with the bad fit of the intakes on the Tamiya F-4C/D and F-4J Phantom kits, using plastic stips and plastic card.

Part 2
The pictures below are showing the F-4J hybrid Bicentennial bird of VX-4 (Vandy 76) and my effort to convert the F-4F set into an F-4G. Pictures show underside views (both), noses (both), tail (F-4G), port wing (F-4J) and upper view (F-4J). All of these Phantoms are based on the Revell kit. The nose for the F-4J is copied from Tamiya F-4C/D. As you will see from the underside views, I have opened the small inlet doors (as on the Tamiya-kit) and shortered the bays for the aft sparrows. I have also dropped the flaps.

F-4J - this will be the Vandy 76 (VX-4 Bicentennial)

F-4G (sharkmouth from 90th TFS, 3rd TFW)

See also the Photo story by Kelly Quirk of his F4J from Tamiya and the exellent article by John Wilkes about building the Revell RF-4E