Revell P-51B "Bald Eagle"
by Greg Cochran
I started this project back in March by rescribing the whole plane, you know Revell, anyway they are also 5 scale inches off after building the instrument pannel from scrap plastic and using the Edward deatil set. I also used Hasy landing gear with True Detail weighted tires. After scribing the panel lines in (my favorit aid for scribing is dymo tape) with a sewing needle and carbide scribing tool I was ready to put the two halfs together and the wings and tail feathers on, I noticed that the nose didn't look right. I had a trashed Hasy D in a box, I cut the Hasy nose off and replaced the Revell nose, its a bit taller, but with some cutting and shorting it fits good enoung to graft on with the help of scrap plastic and some putty. Two of the six colors are on. I'm at a stand still untill I get the top of the clam shell for the canopy, thats the only part missing. I have the landing gear built and ready. The yellow is on the wing tips, tail, and nose, and the white bands are on.

Part 2

Well, it's now in paint. The invasion bands were painted, I had to cut masking tape to 18 scale inches using photos to guide me. I laid out the bands white 1st, then black, the netural metal is MM aluminium. The date I'm doing Bald Eagle for is late 1944 so the upper bands are painted over, for this I used fs 34079 or Dark Green. The wing tips are yellow with blue stripes so I used Insigina blue and yellow. I will be making the nav lights from optic fiber tined with tam clear green and red, the condition lights will be made from kristal clear tinted with tam blue yellow and orange, but 1st comes future, then the decals and weather wash. Landing gear, Moskit, exhaust, the prop and canopy, it's been a trial but its ready for decals. I had to re shoot the nose (decal for the blue and yellow strobe stripes a little short), but all in all it has gone well for a Revell kit, all thats left is the landing gear, drop tanks, and canopy well and dull coat but as you can see It is LOOKING GOOD, even if I do say so myself.

© Greg Cochran 2003