Scratchbuilt 1/32 OV1-D Mohawk
by Jack Gryskiewicz

Greetings from Holland,

I'm in the process of scratchbuilding a 1/32 OV1-D Mohawk by means of heatforming polystyrene over a balsa core, and lateron using the core as basis for the fuselage.
Also the engine nacelles were partly heatformed. The real "scratchbuilding" is done with scrap parts from the scrapbox as far as the wings, horizontal tail, gear, etc, is concerned.
So far I have completed the rough outlines of the aircraft and I'm about to tackle the cockpit and gearbays/struts, props and stuff.

I'm still far away from completing this "project", but I must say it's fun, and thats what it's all about, isn't it? Happy modeling.

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