Revell RF-4B
Jarrod Cunningham

I'm using the Revell Rf-4C kit. The last 10 or so Rf-4B's had the thicker wing. I'm using some Verlinden, Tamiya, and Seamless intakes. Some of this stuff, particularly the rear instrument panel and rear side panels, I've had to"bash" together myself using radio faces from other kits. The Rf-4B had a pretty distinctive rear panel so the Revell kit one wouldn't work. I'm going to put a set of Black Box ejection seats in the tub. A freind of mine bought the set for the F-4J in 32nd, and it came with two sets (belted, and unbelted). He gave me the unbelted ones. I have two sets of Reheat straps and buckles to use, so it won't be a big deal about the belts. Frankly, I like the look of these better anyways. I am sending you, along with the kit progress pics, a pic of the real one that I am modeling it after. Hopefully it will add some perspective to what I am hoping to accomplish.

Jarrod Cunningham 2003

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