Trumpeter Hind

by Jean-Pierre van Regenmortel


After a long period of patience, finally the Hind was arrived, and in my favorit paintscheme. I had the luck to take some pics from the real heli at an airshow at Kleine Brogel airbase back in '98.

I started building, the cargo room and cockpit were a little bit to basic, and some detailling was necessary, especially the small gangway between the cockpit and cargoroom needed attention. A wall with racks was builded from plastic strips and copperwire (for the right side of the gangway) and the left side was a flat wall maded with plastic strips also. these material was also used for detailling the cargo room. I decided to keep the right door open, so the left side was only scratched.(pics 1,3,4)

After this was done, i made some copper protection wires for the switches in the cockpit area. Then it was time for paints. I took the Testors Russian interior blue/green (2135) and flat black for the cockpit, and Tamiya XF25 for the cargoroom.before I began painting the panels, a wash from raw umber oil paint was applied to give the areas a more "used" look.(pics 2,5,6,7,8)

So, the "heaviest" work was done, assembling from the main hull and wings goes without any problems, and he's ready now for the tigerpaint.

In part 2 you will see the painting results and the minor corrections you have to made for the Hind that was on the static.

Jean-Pierre van Regenmortel 2004