by Lee White
Here is a pic of some of the parts that I have popped for Larry's XB-51. I'll make a few more (3-4) for interested parties so that I'll earn back some of the money spent on the project, mostly from the cost of the large chunks of basswood and the shop time. (I had the engines turned on a lathe, since I don't have one.) The only drawback that I have encountered is the fact that the fuselage is in 4 parts, since my old Hobby Vac machine has a max size of 12x18 inches. The cost to have a commercial shop was out of this world, so I abandoned that course of action. I must stress that this "kit" is more like a Combat kit, or even an ID Model, in that it is a male mold, and no detail is present on the outside. It is light-years away from the vacs that we have been getting these past few years, like those from Koster or Dynavector.

I just want to make sure we are all on the same page!
Just thought you might like to see what I'm working on. These are only the molds taped together, but soon I will be making parts.

For pictures and text of this kit being built by Larry Hawkins, click here.
© Lee White