Aurora 1/32 B-25

by Luca Pennacchietti

The fuselage is not finished yet and you can still see the lead weights in the cockpit I just placed to avoid the model to it down for the pics. I made the internal structure by paper card, the guns are resin copies of the one from a Sherman in 1/35 (I still have to replace the barrels) while the ammo feed lines are from the guns of a Monogram 1/24th Huey (7.7 miniguns).

Landing gear are the metal wires supplied with the kit covered by plastic rods. Main wheels are provisional, nose wheel is the main wheel from a 1/48th B-25.

Aurora molded the upper half of the wings as a single piece but I simply haven't the space to store the model once completed. So I made a structure to hold the wings in place, it's made of balsa and plastic. It is held by a long screw. Wings simply slip over it into the fuselage. No glue required, and are removable.

Tailplanes come from the Combat Models vac of the B-25 (actually copy of this same kit). They are thicker then those supplied by Aurora which are way thin!

All clear parts (not installed yet), including the bombardier nose, come from Guillows B-25, though they look about 1/28th scale.

Engines are from Engines & Things (not completely painted), prop is from Revell's Corsair (I'm currently looking for another one...). Engine cowls are from Aurora but have been shortened and slightly reshaped. I added the landing lights on wing leading edges and also scoops and exausts for the radiators (from Guillows). Wings have been sanded but not rescribed yet. Putty is still to be sanded.

Long build for sure, but I'm really enjoying it!

© 2005 Luca Pennacchietti

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