Revell P-51B Mustang "In the Works"
by Mark Proulx

Here are some photos of my 1/32nd scale Revell P-51B that I have currently "hit the wall" on, as many 1/32nd scale modellers can attest. If nothing else, this leaves me with plenty of time to write reviews for the Large Scale Planes Website.

This is a highly modified kit of the venerable P-51B. Modifications include:

1. New nose from the Hasegawa P-51D grafted on to correct the outline of the nose.
2. Confiscated the P-51D prop from the same kit
3. Scratchbuild interior with buckles from Waldron, some parts from eduard and lots of sheet styrene.
4. New flaps made from sheet styrene and set in the down position.
5. Dropped elevators.
6. Scribed surfaces
7. Vacuform canopy.
8. New gear legs from brass and plastic tubing. Grandt line bolts for attachments.
9. Tail Wheel from Hasegawa P-51D
10. Landing light added.
11. Brass tubing for gun barrels.
12. True Details Wheels
13. Hasegawa P-51D drop tanks and pylons

The model still needs to be gloss coated, decaled and have further weathering accomplished. Exhausts are the incredible items from Moskit. Minor details such as drop tank fuel lines, canopy framing and paint touch ups of some of the minor subassemblies still need to be addressed.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and maybe someday you will see the completed work with a more detailed article! In the meantime, I think it does show that with some effort the Revell P-51B can actually be made to look like a P-51B. In my opinion, it is much easier than modifying a Hasegawa kit.

© Mark Proulx 2002