Hasagawa Bf109G-6
by Matsumoto Naoto

My Bf109 is starting to take shape. Work proceeds easily like the 1/48th kit. It is the evolution of 1/32 which we all were looking for.

The designer of Hasegawa thought that a motor would be put in, and designed it that way.
I asked a designer a question, what is the next? He answered the G-14 will be sold in May.

Zero of Tamiya was the best, but, it was too expensive....development time took too long.

Hasegawa Bf109 is not top of the world, but it is wonderful....the price is low, too. A change from G-14 to G-2 can be expected.

I don't hope for more than this!

I made a parachute from putty

I came back from a trip yesterday. A cockpit was made without sleeping today.

A Japanese works well!
© Matsumoto Naoto

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