Tamiya Zero
by Matsumoto Naoto
Zero of Tamiya is very easy. I reached it at last in the condition of the photograph only in two hours. A shock absorber moves in this Zero in the same way as the motorcycle model of many Tamiyas.

I live in Japan and can look for the book of Zero easily. But, a Japanese doesn't know the color of accurate Zero. The navy in Japan which yielded to the war threw all away. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. doesn't know all, either. A Japanese researcher does the announcement which often made a mistake. On that occasion, Japanese Modeller gets confused. The engineer of the WW2 airplane is in our club. He is 76 years old. He gives us knowledge.

The color of the engine cover of Zero is not black. That color is said as the color which is close to navy blue. It was discovered in the biggest Lake of Japan from the bottom. The engine cover of Zero of Tamiya is specified to paint it by black. Many Japanese will paint black, too. MetallicBlueGreen was being indicated as a color of the cockpit until several years ago. The color which looks like the color of the cockpit of the US navy recently is being indicated. Tamiya was new, too, and sold that color.

The cartridge outlet of Zero is close during the flight. The cartridge outlet of Tamiya is close, too. Other models opened a cartridge outlet. No one cared about it.. The lamplight of the wing of the Japanese airplane colors a lens. It doesn't paint a light bulb. Be careful when you make Zero.........Many Modelerss except for the Japanese will be judged the color which mistook it.

My Zero will be completed soon. It became the condition of the photograph by the work of 4 days. These are the photographs of the characteristic part of the Tamiya Zero. It is the precision which a 1/32 model until now didn't have. The engine isn't glued to the body (Matsumoto used a magnet for the photo, the engine mount and front part of the fuselage isn't attached yet: LSP)
The photograph of the engine cover was sent. It completes it by the metal finishing. Next, it will be usually painted that it completes it. Zero is the same design team with the sword fish. Tamiya president is praising them as the best member......I think so, too.
Japan became autumn. It is a pleasant season. Work is delayed from the schedule because I went for the drive with the family. Night is my time. My Zero is a silver color. A Japanese often compares Zero to the sword of the Samurai .
© Matsumoto Naoto