Spitfire Mk Vb (part 2)

by Troi Alan

Here is how the majority of my scribing was acomplished, step 1. Drink large can of beer, then place paper masters of the desired shape on the aluminum and trace with a new X-acto blade... this should only "score" the surface. The with a little flexing and bending of the metal, the shape will be created, thus rendering the new scribing template... a little sanding to take any burs away and the template is finished (it can be used for multiple builds... so don't throw it away!!)"

This set of photos represent my first ever attempt to Vacuform my own gun blisters... "a rather simple procedure that ended up producing rather excellent parts and it was fun and education too!! I first created the gun blisters that were required from scale drawings and then undersized them slightly to allow for the thickness of the styrene sheet. These were then tacked down to the vac table and the plastic preheated in the oven at 150 Degrees C until it sagged... and the vac machine was turned on and I then created the parts I needed. I decided to try this out as I am experimenting on this build to develope my skills and master new arts.... and I like working in Styrene....."

These photos are the tops and bottoms of the wing.... thus the different gun bulges of the Mk 5b

Next up is the general embossing of the fastners.... using the MDC rivet tool plus a larger set of embossing pins that I bought via the Internet from a jewellery store in New Mexico.... one large ring with a smaller one inside.... the other pics show the plumbing inside the radiator and the reworked wing surface to bring it up to Mk5b standards....

© 2005 Troi Alan

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