Spitfire Mk Vb (part 3)

by Troi Alan

After a long pause I have finally been able to make some small progress of my Mk5b Spitfire. I orignally wanted to finish her as the personal mount of Wing Commander IR Gleed, instead I have added the eliptical wing tips and I will finish her off as a regular Mk5b that flew in the European Theater of Operations. I had completed earlier a cannon master patern on my lathe and casted it to make several more for future builds. I learned alot from this process and I am rather happy with the results. I mounted the new resin cannons in the leading edge of the wing to ensure a solid joint. I have employed the rather talented skills of Rosie the riveter to emulate the basic rivet patterns along the wings and the fuselage, eventhough the Spitfire had also raised rivets in some locations. The cockpit is coming along nicely and the instrument panel is almost completed. MDC British instrument decals were used and glossed with a small amount of future.

The MDC rivet maker was also used to emulate the very large fastners that are on the forward fuselage panels (engine panels). The scribing and riveting has been checked by a small application of primer to check for any scratches or rough areas. Next up will be the installation of the cockpit and the permanent mating of the fuselage sides and wing. This has been a rather long build, but with it being my first British subject I have been learning lots and enjoying the build and the study of the engineering that went into this beautiful aircraft!

© 2005 Troi Alan

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