Hasagawa Bf 109 E into a Bf 109 K-4
by Pascal Huguet
Article Part one:

At the root, this 109-K4 was a ME-109 E Hasegawa, that I had build 6 years ago. It had been destroyed during a moving (fragile parts as landing-gear, propeller, hood). I was near about to thrown away because of repairs hardness. I finally bought a new box and to try some new techniques, modify wings and tail to convert this E4 to a G6 (graft a revell G6 cowl, model which was destroyed too, during the same moving) I create a G-10/As tail and canopy (rough because of E4 root). The "restored-wreck" looked good to me at this time and it was my first big parts modification (the result would certainly appaled, ME-109's expert). About two years later, during another moving, this plane was complelty crushed (again). Despite of the hours passed on this model, I was about to give up big scale modeling. Most of my 1/32 converted models like Spit Mk XIV, le F4-U2 et le " Rufe " has been damaged during this moving (thank you mum...). I join some snaps of these models wrecks
For a long time, I decided to build a K4, but Revell G6 is rare, so I don't want to waste one. I decided to use some good condition parts of the "G10" and create rest of it. CraftWorks productions planning announced a K4 release for so much time... I was tired of waiting for it. While I was working on the front of the model, I was thinking of a US modeler, which I get on well with for a few weeks. He enjoys to convert models too, so if I could make molds to cast resin parts, I can share these with him and other modelers..

This is the first part of my article, I hope you enjoy my work.
Other models under construction by Pascal

© Pascal Huguet