by Pascal Huguet

Here is a few snaps of my KI-100 fuselage which is well advanced. I started the wings last week and plan to make it "one-piece" (easier to mold). I'll let you know about the model & molds progress.

For the KI-100, I plan to make moulds if the kit may interest some modellers. With the Rufe conversion I am testing big part moulds, so if it works well I would like to make the KI-100 with (approximately 40-50 resin parts, 5 lead parts and optional parts for "fast-back" version. Some parts can be use to improve Revell's KI-61 , so it's a "Titan-work", but it would be a nice challenge. I'm working also on P-38 parts and Photo-recon versions.
(LSP: We will keep you updated on this exciting project)
© Pascal Huguet

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