21st Century Toys

1:18 scale Aircraft for 2003 '04


21st Century Toys has had a line of collectable large scale aircraft for some time now. They started out with a Bf109e, Ju87 Stuka, P-51D Mustang, P-38J Lightning, F4U-1D Corsair, and now they are adding to the series with 4 versions of the P-47 Thunderbolt (Razorback) and a P-40B in RAF livery.

Planned for future releases are the Fw190, Spitfire, A6M Zero, and Me 262. At the time of this "preview" the Thunderbolts were rumored to be available in Wal-Marts for around $40. The P-40 has yet to be released, and there was no detail on release dates for the other WWII subjects. As well their Viet Nam series was planned to be expanded with the Super Cobra.

Here are some marketing photos we were able to get from 21st Century Toys.







A few office mates of mine have the Lightning, the Corsair, and the Mustang, and while they are far from "rivet-counter approved" they represent a great desk piece that is ultimately "handle-able" by an adult.

Ok, ok...I know what you're all thinking: "Could they be kitbashed!?" The answer is "oh yeah baby!" They would need to literally be disassembled and gone through, and who knows what lies under all that thick plastic and phillips screw assembly. But the potential alone is enough to drive a large scale plane fanatic insane.

We will get our hands on one of these beasts and give an in-depth look at the possibilities, however, for a quick thrill that will stand up to frequent handling, there is only one place to get huge fighters right now...

21st Century Toys