Normal-Segelapparat 1894
Otto Lilienthal

by Marc Guerrero

The kit is composed of a resin figurine on 1 3 scale.
This one is made up of six separate parts:
- the head
- the bust
- two arms
- two hands

The sailplane is out of laser cut out wood which should be
assembled. The coverage is delivered in the tissue paper shape.

A resin base is provided to put the model in situation. The assembly is very easy. The pieces of wood are stuck with one tastes of cyanoacrylate glue. The coverage is done simply by joining of paper on wood with adhesive in stick UHU. The staying is carried out with wire with nylon of 0,10. Once that the wing is assembled it is
necessary to adjust the parts of the figurine to put it in situation with the wing.

The result obtained is very original and wood brings a very realistic key to the unit. This kit of a 10 cm length scale of 16,5 cm and pays well homage to the one of the first men having practised the coasting flight.

This kit is available at:

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