Montex 1/32 Boomerang
Final: The Rest of the Aircraft
by Jay Laverty

Image 01

Here is the last look at the Boomerang before it is released. What we are looking at the the first shot in resin, of most of the various components. Unfortunately the cockpit and gun details have proven to be camera shy, however there still needs to be some mystery and suspense reserved for the actual review.

I know that personally my anticipation for this kit is reaching a fever pitch, and we are only a few weeks away from having one very unique and interesting Commonwealth subject that will have an appeal to allot more than just Aussie modellers.

To get a more complete idea of the models progress as a master, or if you have seen this for the first time now, click on the links below for the first 5 parts of this preview series:

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MONTEX Bednarska Str. 18/2, 54-134 Wroclaw, Poland

Avaiable in the UK from:


Adlen House,
United Kingdom
Phone: 01544 388514

Available in the US from:

Design & Marketing Int'l
9791 Westheimer PMB # 526
Houston,Texas 77042-3960
United States
Phone: 281.491.5108
Fax: 281.491.0381

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