U.M.I. Resin Inc.
1/32 CAC-12 Boomerang

by Dave Thompson

Part 1

We temporarily dropped all plans to release our two seat A5M4-K Claude trainer and variants, we decided it was a bit too esoteric for a first full kit new release. We are still making our conversions sets through the dash 1 Oscar set is for now on hold while being remastered due to a few errors I found.

These pictures should show you why we put the trainer Claude on hold. This is a 1/32 scale CAC-12 Boomerang. I'm test fitting the Williams Brothers engine inside as you can see, I bought a case from the new owner Dan Brett.

Jerry Rutman is to be thanked for an advice on hollow casting parts, as are Gary and Rich at Red Roo who supplied me with plan sets from actual archives in Australia, it seems all Boomerang kits to date were based on flawed plans that over the years since WW2 became accepted as correct.

This happened as somewhere down the road someone measured from center hub to rudder tip and another from spinner tip to rudder tip...oops! Then other folks copied then copied copies, next thing you know plan sets are wrong, I fixed this problem with the piles of information they supplied.

Part 2

Here's a bit of an update and a few more pictures, two of these are of the tubular interior test fit mockup to make sure everything's going to fit inside.

Here's four more of other details I am working out. The flap wells will have full rib and hydraulic actuators represented, wheel wells to. The rudder and other operating surfaces will have very subtle "sag". As in photographs of the real deal this barely shows, you will be able to see the tape/stitch lines at ribs stations, too many times this is overdone even by mainstream manufacturers.

© Dave Thompson 2006