Vickers Cooling Jacket Fixture

by Ken Foran

Place alternating pieces of .020 brass rod on double stack carpet tape. Solder together maintaining even spacing and squareness. Add .010 flat sheet to perimeter to hold etched sheet in place and to provide a taping surface.

Tape etched sheet in place and evenly burnish first with a sharpened wood dowel, then using a steel scribe drag scribe evenly and slowly to shapen detail. Do this several times side to side, burnishing will cause sheet to curl, carefully shape back to flat, burnished surface will be outside surface of jacket. Roll form around drill bits. File mating straight for tight joint. Using a correct size drill bit as fixture, use binding wire to hold joint tight and solder. Use drill bit in place to file seam and square ends clean.

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Carefully using an eyeglass screwdriver bend open vents while sheet is flat. Lift front edge of vent in the center with even pressure to desired position. Does not move much. Do all visually equal. Note 8 forward facing vents and 9 rearward facing.

© Ken Foran 2005