Future How-To

by Rogerio "Rato" Marczak

Future is used mainly as an acrylic clear coat. You can airbrush it straight or thinned with water or alcohol. It is self leveling and will produce a nice gloss finish (even if hand brushed). It is ideal for preparing the model surface for decaling (because it will leave a gloss surface) and weathering (because it will protect the model from hot thinners). But the property of Future I like the most is its ability to mix with flattening agents, like Tamiya Flat Base (XF-21), producing a controlable flat finish. The more flat base you add, the more dead flat effect you get. However, never use more than 25-30% flat base, or your finish will "frost". After an airbrush session, clean your airbrush with an amonia based cleaner. There are other uses: to recover the transparency of sanded/polished clear parts, a liquid glue, etc.

© 'Rato' Marczak 2003