Blueprint Models
Blueprint Models is proud to present a series of multimedia and resin kits. We have a collection of 1/24th scale multimedia World War I aircraft with full interior details including all armament and complete engines. We incorporate resin and etched brass parts for bulkheads and locators to assist in the construction of the kit wherever possible. We use wing fillets and spars to eliminate the need for jigs in assembly.

Our space kits have also begun to use the same interactive construction methods. We also have a line of resin kits and figures, which includes decals and other materials to aid in construction.

Price US
1/24th scale WWI kits
Nieuport 28
23 resin, 14 vac, 41 etched, 74 white metal parts with decals for Rickenbacker's and Taylor's aircraft and detailed instructions
Albatross D5
29 resin, 16 vac, 49 white metal, 94 etched parts including bulkheads, with decals for Jasta 5 & 21 with full instructions
Pfalz D3
41 resin, 16 vac, 60 white metal, 53 etched parts with large decal sheet and full instructions
Fokker E3
16 resin, 15 vac, 16 white metal, 60 etched parts including wire wheels and decals for two aircraft and full instructions
Fokker D7
25 resin, 18 vac, 22 white metal, 62 etched parts with decals for three aircraft including upper and lower lozenge and full instructions
Fokker D8
21 resin, 14 vac, 60 white metal, 53 etched parts with decals for four aircraft including upper and lower lozenge and full instructions
Roland D6b
with resin, vac, white metal and etched parts including bulkheads. Decals include upper and lower lozenge and full instructions
1/32 scale kits
Beverly Howard' s Jungmeister
with decals, figure, and full instructions
1/48th scale kits
Lockheed XFI Pogo
with decals and instructions
Space kits
Skylab with Apollo
1/96th scale: 20 vac, 47 resin, 14 etched parts on a large 6 X 12 sheet with base and full instructions
1/48th scale: 43 resin, 17 vac, 5 white metal, 27 etched parts with decals and large display base in including commemorative emblem with full instructions
Space resin kits
Lunar Rover
1/48th scale: includes astronaut figure and full instructions
Bristol Bloodhound Missile
1/48th scale: with stand and full instructions
Titan IIIC
1/100th scale: with stand, decals, and full instructions
Blueprint Models
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Michael Ridlon
Phone: 603-893-2519

Shipping Rates (USA)

UPS: $5.00 for first kit, $1.00 for each additional kit
FCM: $5.00 for first kit, $1.00 for each additional kit

All foreign orders, call or write for rates and availability

All prices and availability subject to change without notice