Woodway' Claredon Road,
Aldebury, Salisbury
Wiltshire SP5 3AT U.K
Phone: 00441 722 710 574
Email: timsah@onetel.com



Company's background

Warbirds based in Aldebury, England is a company run by Mr. Vasko Barbic. Apart from being an excellent modeler, he is also an excellent master and patternmaker. Vasko is one of the most noted Spitfire experts. In fact he gathers the research material from restored Spitfires or the RAF veterans themselves. But more on that later. Vasko is a very open person despite being 'englishly' polite. In fact most of the relationships between Vasko and his customers are not the normal buyer-seller type but rather pen-friendships. This beside their products is Warbirds strongest point.


Warbirds products are first rate. They are in two medias; white metal and resin. Resin is used for the big parts, white metal for small ones. The resin bits are of slightly better quality. Sometimes the white metal parts are not usable without any modifications. The research on which this parts are based on is strict, and doesn't make any deviations or shortcuts. The research is mostly made at his friend restoration shop. Measurements and photographs of the real thing with the scope of making accurate conversion parts are one of his trademarks.

The list of happy customers who would vouch for Warbirds quality includes: Saso Knez, Mark Proulx (Associate Editor), Daniel LoRusso (Associate Editor), Brian Cauchi (multiple IPMS UK Nationals winner), Brad Hagen (HTML Editor), and the list goes on

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