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Reference Material for SBD Dauntless

23 Books Found

U.S. Navy Carrier Bombers of World War II
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1987)
SBD Dauntless in Action
Author(s): Stern
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1984)
SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Kinzey
Publisher: Kalmbach Books (1995)
SBD Dauntless
Publisher: Bunrin-Do (1969)
SBD Dauntless
Publisher: Bunrin-Do (1979)
SBD-3 Dauntless & the Battle of Midway
Author(s): Hernandez
Publisher: Aeronavale (2004)
SBD Dauntless Units of World War 2
Author(s): Tillman
Publisher: Osprey (1997)
The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide. Vol 2: 1940-1949
Author(s): Elliott
Publisher: Monogram Aviation Publications (1989)
SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Dann
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (2003)
Douglas TBD Devastator, SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Ledwoch, Nowicki
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (2000)
US Navy Aircraft Camouflage & Markings 1940-1945
Author(s): Doll
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (2003)
Carrier Air War in Original WWII Color: US Navy Air Combat 1939-1945
Author(s): Lawson, Tillman
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1996)
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Smith
Publisher: Crowood (1997)
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Pęczkowski
Publisher: MMP/Stratus (2008)
U.S Navy And Marine Aircraft of World War II, Part 1: Dive and Torpedo Bombers
Author(s): Kinzey
Publisher: Revell-Monogram (2003)
SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Kinzey
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1996)
Clear The Deck!: Aircraft Carrier Accidents Of World War II
Author(s): Graff
Publisher: Specialty Press (2008)
SBD Dauntless, SB2C Helldiver
Publisher: Bunrin-Do (1993)
The Douglas SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Brazelton
Publisher: Profile Publications (1967)
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Janowicz, Zbiegniewski
Publisher: Kagero (2007)
U.S. Navy Dive And Torpedo Bombers of WWII
Author(s): Tillman, Lawson
Publisher: Motorbooks International (2001)
Dauntless Dive Bomber of World War II
Author(s): Tillman
Publisher: Airlife (1993)
SBD Dauntless
Author(s): Kinzey
Publisher: Detail & Scale (2016)