Messerchmitt 110-G4/R3/M2

by Thierry Laurent

TYPE: Messerchmitt 110-G

SCALE: 1/32



The following list is intended to help modelers in improving scale accuracy of an airplane model replica. In no way is it intended to support or be offensive towards a scale model company.

As such, it is only the result of a progressive process and is in no way intended to be absolute or even comprehensive. Hence, it is intended to focus on commonly admitted discrepancies and will probably not cover some errors. It is up to the modeler to decide whether correcting the listed issues is worth the time and money he will have to invest in the quest for accuracy process.

No aftermarket correction or detail set is mentioned in this document as the availability of such items may be very variable. Hence, refer to other LSP sections to find relevant information. Moreover, aftermarket sets do not necessarily correct all listed issues. Please refer accordingly to relevant documentation.

1. NOTICEABLE FUSELAGE ISSUES (from front to rear)

" Enlarge and drill gun cooling rectangular intake between Mk108s gun holes in the R3 nose upper part

" Add circular filler point for the Mk108 guns gas bottle on the nose port side

" Add Mk108 guns gas exhaust and shell ejection ports into lower nose section

" Add Mk108 sheet metal cartridge ejector guard on the starboard side

" Drill MG151 underside guns troughs (Note the MG151 holes are located a little bit too far from the nose end but this would be a true pain to correct)

" Fill wrong shell ejection ports into lower nose section

" Improve the fit of the Mk108s guns R3 cover as this part does not fit the fuselage very well

" Detail the nose Mk108s gun bay if you want lo leave it opened

" Add cockpit additional external armor

" Add MG151s gas exhaust protruding shallow scoop (on the front belly)

" Change the fuselage hand-grabs on the port side behind the cockpit (oriented in the wrong direction)

" Correct the ETC 500/1XB bomb rack (too deep and lacks detail, real one is made of an embossed iron sheet intended to cover bombs hanging & release mechanism)

" Add the two MG151 shell ejection ports in the belly

" Modify "clothesline" (FuB 12F ILS) antennae under the belly (too thick)

" Drill lift bar hole on each fuselage side

" Modify the shape of rudders or replace them (shape is correct for earlier variants: up to G2)

" Enlarge angle of triangle-shaped cut in the horizontal elevators ends (should be closer to 45°)

" Correct too simplified elevator mass balance trim tabs

" Add maintenance round hatches on the elevators intrados & extrados

" Add the 3 light socket projections on the tail end cone edge


" Correct underscaled engines nacelles and replace similarly underscaled kit spinners (too small diameter, too short length and too pointed: refer to Me109G kit or aftermarket spinners)

" Replace misshaped propeller blades (again refer to 109G ones)

" Add missing big bulge on top of each DB 605 engine nacelle

" Correct or replace Daimler Benz 605 engines (upper sides should not be sloped but vertical) if you want to leave one nacelle open (but this will not simplify the nacelle shape correction!)

" Add triangular shape gauge windows on inner engine nacelles

" Correct too large exhaust openings on engine nacelles

" Add missing scoops and air inlet ahead of the exhaust stacks

" Add detail on the ends of exhaust dampers

" Correct oil cooler bath shape under each nacelle (depth & forward edge angle)

" Correct misshaped underwing rear radiator fairings and engine nacelles end

" Add detail on the radiators faces (grill and support braces)

" Add a drop-shaped protruding bulge on the middle of each underwing root (identical to 109 ones)

" Correct flaps actuators

" Add landing light behind port wing leading edge window

" Add fuel and maintenance round hatches on the wings intrados & extrados


" Detail or replace front instrument panel

" Add REVI 16 gunsight

" Replace misshaped pilot's pedals

" Replace wrong shape front seat

" Add missing iron bars structure behind the pilot seat

" Add MG151 gun bay (gun breeches in the cockpit floor, 20mm ammunition box on each side of the bay)

" Add radio and radar Fu boxes (and wiring)

" Correct cockpit side details

" Replace wrong shape rear seat (crude but more suitable for earlier variant 110s whereas Bf-110-G4s had either a simple flat oblong woven seat or a dual radio/gunner seat made of a similar but shorter flat seat and a rear "bucket" mesh seat)

" Detail MG81Z dual machine gun (visors and so on)

" Add MG81Z ammunition and cartridge bags on rear bulkhead


" Thin or replace too thick canopy parts and replace overscale hinges intended to keep the parts "movable"

" Correct rear canopy as the kit one is hinged sideways at the base of the canopy but the real one hinges toward the top on the starboard side

" Modify/Replace central Plexiglas panel just above the rear gunner's position to add the missing bulge in the middle of the panel

" Add DF loop antenna


" Modify or replace threaded tires (correct for earlier variant 110s but later marks such as G ones had smooth tires)

" Correct wheel rims (main and rear)

" Remove incorrect accordion shock boots on main landing gear legs (correct for earlier variant 110s but later marks such as G ones had none)

" Add horizontal operating bars on front of main landing gear legs

" Add detail on the internal side of the main landing gear doors.

" Add details in landing gear bays (e.g. missing strengthening ribs)


" Kit rather depicts a G2 airframe

" Kit is underscaled (a little bit more than 25mm for the length and 7mm for the wingspan) but this is not very noticeable and would be a true pain to correct.

" Sand Revel company trademark on the wing starboard underside

" Panel lines and rivets are raised

" Stencils decals number 8 & 9 are inverted on decal instruction page

" Some stencil decals are missing and fuels triangle decals are far too pale

" No swastika tail markings

" No "schräge muzik" guns option

" No drop tanks option

" No underbelly MG151 gun pack option

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© Thierry Laurent 2005