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The Golden Age: from the dawn to WW2

World War 2 Aviation
Hasegawa Focke-Wulf FW190D-9
F4U-1 (All Versions)
BF 109 E
BF 109 G (All Versions) Hasegawa Me109-G4 Trop   PDF
Hasegawa Me109-G6   PDF
Hasegawa Me109-G10   PDF
Hasegawa Me109-G14   PDF
HasegawaMe109-K4   PDF
Bf 110 (All Versions) Revell Bf 110 G   PDF
Trumpeter MiG-3   PDF
Mosquito (All Versions)
P-40 Warhawk (All Versions) Trumpeter P-40B   PDF
P-47 Bubbletop (All Versions) Revell P-47 Thunderbolt D through M   PDF
P-47 Razorback (All Versions)
P-51B Mustang
Typhoon Mk IB (All Versions)
  Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.Vb  PDF

Jet Age Aviation
A-10 Warthog Trumpeter A-10   PDF
F-4C/D Phantom Tamiya F-4 C-D   PDF
F-4E Phantom Tamiya F-4 E-J EJ (early)   PDF
Revell RF-4C   PDF
Revell RF-4E   PDF
Revell-Monogram F-4E II USAF   PDF
Revell-Monogram F-4F Luftwaffe ICE ("KWS")   PDF
Tamiya F-4 J   PDF
Tamiya F-4 aftermarket detailing sets   PDF
F-5E Tiger II
F-14A Tomcat
F-86 Sabre (All Versions)
F-104 (All Versions)
Mig 21 (All Versions)


Modern Civilian