1/32 Avia S 199 "Sakin"

By Serge Saenen

First fighter in service with the Israeli Air Force, the Avia S 199 is an assembly of Bf 109G-14 airframe with a Junkers Jumo engine manufactured in Czechoslovakia.

To build this converting I used the ARBA kit grafted on to the model Hasegawa Bf 109G-14. The cockpit is from MDC with some modifications.

Painted with Gunze acrylic colors, the markings are painted with use of self-made masking tape. The weathering with oil paint and pastel.

The rack bomb is from Eduard and guns from Aires and Quickboost.

A beautiful fun conversion to do despite the unattractive colors of this plane.

© Serge Saenen 2013

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This article was published on Wednesday, March 27 2013; Last modified on Wednesday, May 15 2013