Super Detailing a 1/32 Scale Revell P-40E Model

By Rodney Williams

Text & Photos by: Rodney J. Williams
© March 30, 2013

This is just a sample to view some photo of my model as I have seven (7) long renditions that were posted on another web site way back in 1998. I will include the “site” at the end of this short message.

As many of you know I have over 60 model stories posted over the years on LSP and this makes one more for the road as they say here in America.

A client of mine wanted a super detailed model of Col. Robert L. Scott’s World War Two P-40E Flying Tiger.

I have enclosed seven photos of the model.

The rest of the story is available at

You will note that I have seven stories concerning my super detailed model. If you have any questions concerning the model, I may be able to answer them.

You may ask why?

It’s been 15 or more years since I built the model and at almost 82 years of age I may have forgotten something.

Cheers and enjoy a handcrafted model.

Rodney in beautiful Colorado/USA

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