Academy 1/32 Block 42 F-16C Arctic Aggressor

By Danny Attree

This was my 1st completed build of 2013, what a great kit, the finish was a challenge but it was good practice for my upcoming 1/32 Academy F-16I SUFA.

1/32 Academy Block 42 F-16C Arctic Aggressor

After seeing the Tamiya version of this in 1/48 I knew I would really like to do the same on a larger scale. This however would not turn out to be as straight forward as I thought, surprise surprise.

First of all the admissions that should save any holes being blown in her.

The first obstacle was the choice of kit, I did some research on and found that the Tamiya 1/32 F-16 Thunderbirds would be the base frame for a Block 30/32. Small problem there in the fact that I was not prepared to expend £140+ for a kit, especially when you consider that for less money you can get the 1/32 CJ with all the trimmings. It is allot of money just to get the lightweight landing gear used on earlier versions.

Fortunately after a bit of research and advice on I found that the 64th had used the Block 42 airframe on some of their Aggressor Aircraft, this was great as it meant I could use the 1/32 Academy F-16CG/CJ Block 40/42 I had on the shelf.

Now for sourcing the Afterburner decals for the 64th, I thought this would be the easy bit but there were out of production and as rare as hens teeth. Thankfully I found a guy in Norway (Thankyou Niels) who only used the 1/48 decals and was prepared to part with the remaining 1/32 sets.

You would think it would be problem solved but alas there was one last hitch. From what I could see the 64th never painted up their Block 42 aircraft in the Arctic scheme, most of the other Aggressor schemes yes but not the Arctic.

Enough was enough, I would build her as it is right or wrong.

Additional parts used: Aires Cockpit, Undercarriage set and AN/ALQ-188 EAT Pod, Wheeliant Wheels, Crossdelta Stiffeners, Two Mikes ACMI Pod set, Two Bobs CAT-AIM9 and ACMI Pod decals, Afterburner Decals.

© Danny Attree 2013

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