Bronco 1/35 V-1 Buzzbomb (Fieseler 103)

By Iwailo Tzenow

The infamous V-1 built from the Bronco 1/35 kit. Fit was good except some minor filling here and there. The intake is lacking a few details the real missile had, but I left it as was OOTB. I had some mishaps while spraying the mottle camouflage which resulted in more sanding and more painting and more mishaps until I was satisfied with the result. So that is why the colour demarcation line is that close to the bottom. I did some very subtle weathering only, because the airframes were not intended to be stored long before use. Just some wash and stains around the hatches and some bird poop here and there.

© Iwailo Tzenow 2013

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This article was published on Monday, July 01 2013; Last modified on Monday, July 01 2013