Kinetic 1/32 F-86F

By Rob Colvin

Kinetic Kit...Based in Tamiya bare metal silver (spray can)...I shaded a couple panels with Alclad aluminum, Testors titanium, and some Floquil platinum mist. The wash used was the MIG pigment wash. The over coat was metalizer sealer with about 15-20% dull coat. I wanted to knock the shine down a little. I used a pair of spare hasegawa horizontals (I liked these better as the shape seemed right, the tails were thicker in cord). I used a couple MV lenses in the gun sight. I only did this as my copy had two sink marks exactly where the lens should go. It was easier to put those in than sand and fill in a tight spot. I started to use a quick boost seat...but I am not a fan. I went with the kit seat and added some belts. The seat can be removed as it fits well with no glue. The decals were from the original boxing of the kit that includes all the yellow bands...a fellow modeler here at LSP had the "Huff" markings left over and was kind enough to send them to me "THANK YOU"! I did a little work to reshape the gun ports (awful) and I also filled in the giant hole and made the intake seamless back to the fan (what a pain in the %&*%&* next time FOD covers).

© Rob Colvin 2013

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