Fly Models Bachem Ba 349V 'Natter' Naked Build

By James Hatch

After a meeting in Munich with Alex Glass 'Uschi van der Rosten', we decided that I should end my period of burn-out with doing something a little unusual. Alex suggested a 1:48 Bachem Natter, but that's not a manly scale, so I opted to build the 1:£2 Fly Models kit I had in stash. I've heard some horror stories about this kit, but I'm pleased to say that I found those tales unfounded.

The aim was to build the Ba 349 as nature intended, i.e. in natural wood and metal, using the Uschi van der Rosten range of wood grain decals. This is stuff is translucent, so you need to prep your underlying paint to reflect the tones and tints you need, including subtle shading. I thought I'd share a few images of this for you.

© James Hatch 2013

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This article was published on Tuesday, July 09 2013; Last modified on Tuesday, July 09 2013