Wingnut Wings DH.2

By Mike Swinburne

Here is my newly completed Wingnut Wings DH.2, from "The Duelists" combo set which also includes a Fokker E.III.

There is only one markings option included for the DH.2 in the combo set, whereas the "standard" release of the kit has the usual five marking schemes. This aircraft represents one with a replacement lower left wing taken from a spare upper wing of another DH.2.

Paints are as follows:

You've probably read about, or seen first-hand, the quality of the Wingnut kits, and this one is no different. To emphasize the true quality of the WNW's engineering, a few things you should know:

© Mike Swinburne 2013

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This article was published on Thursday, July 11 2013; Last modified on Friday, July 12 2013