Revell 1/32 Lend Lease Hurricane Mk IIb

By Graeme Tozer

This started off as the Revell Mk IIc and I did my best to back date it to an Mk IIb. Based on what I found, the b made up a large portion of the aircraft that went to Russia. It is finished as "white 14" but artistic license was taken as there are few pictures of the aircraft. The Hispano cannons were removed and replaced with two soviet shvak cannons and two Berezin UBs. I also added a pair of the popular soviet rocket trees in place of the 250lb bombs. Although old, it was a fun kit to build and paint. Surprisingly I only ran into a few fit issues The landing light covers are about 3mm to small so I am not sure what I am going to do there.

© Graeme Tozer 2013

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