Tamiya 1/32 F-15C Eagle, Lakenheath "MiG Killer"

By Daniel Sahling

Tamiya 1:32 F-15C Eagle. I found a picture of a heavily weathered and worn "MiG Killer" based out of Lakenheath and just had to have a go at doing it. The basic kit is Tamiya, with an Aires cockpit, DJ Parkins exhausts and AIM-120s, Zactoman AIM-9x, Some parts from the Wolfpack Mod Eagle update set, Astra Decals. I'm quite fond of actually finishing this build, since it was amid a new puppy, a move, and a potentially deadly case of severe food poisoning that landed me in the hospital for a week. The camo was airbrushed freehand with Mr. Color paints, using custom mixes, and other various colors to achieve the weathered and faded look of the real plane. If you Google F-15C Eagle 86-0159 MiG Killer you can pull up some shots of the real thing and compare. The photoetch exhausts aren't perfect, but unless you're up real close they look pretty damn good I think, they were a major challenge and test of patience and fine motor skills (something like over 300 parts total!!). After all this I think my next build will be OOB... Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy checking out "The Mighty Eagle", if you've got any questions about the kit, painting techniques, etc. let me know and I'd be happy to share.

© Daniel Sahling 2013

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This article was published on Monday, July 29 2013; Last modified on Monday, February 29 2016