Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire Mk XVI Conversion

By Brian Cauchi

The basic model is the Hasegawa Mk Vb and this once again was already built. It was taken apart and the wings modified. Warbirds conversion set was used and this included a solid longer nose, propeller, rudder, radiators, gun barrels, wing bulges, seat and exhausts. The chin air intake was scratchbuilt. Eduard photo-etched interior and exterior detail sets were used. The wings were heavily modified and modifications included rescribing and building of the gun bay which was scratchbuilt. The centreline bomb rack is from the Eduard set, with added on detail whilst the wing mounted bomb racks were scratchbuilt. Seatbelts were made from masking tape and photoetched buckles and parts. The canopy is hot formed and the gyroscopic gunsight was also scratchbuilt.

Testors enamels were used throughout and all markings are sprayed on except for the serial number which is the rub on type numbers.

The Build

The Finished Model

© Brian Cauchi 2004

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