Paper IAR 80A & Combats IAR 80M

By James Merrigan

I built tha IAR 80A in card based on a pattern in a Romanian model magazine. Prop, spinner, landing gear, canopy and cowl are plastic.

The late John Rucks of Combat models would send me his latest creation from time to time. Many times if it was in the developmental stage he'd ask me what I could make out of it. I'm a type nut and I already had an IAR 80A. I did have a general arrangement of an IAR 80M which was an IAR 80A fitted with a Junkers Juma engine. I thought it looked like a cool airplane, so I made it. The engine is from a Revel Ki-61. The pictures were taken at the May 2003 NJIPMS meeting.

© James Merrigan 2003

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