Corgi Toys 1/32 Wright Flyer

By James Merrigan

This is the 1/32nd scale model of the Wright Flyer. The model is produced by Corgi Toys for the History Channel to celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight. The model is superbly detailed, it comes completely rigged, with two figures of the Wright Brothers, the launching rail and work bench. There were 25,000 models produced my model was 5,300 something, which means almost 20,000 models are available at $40.00 each. As you can see from the enclosed photos that the model would be a great addition to any one's collection. The pictures were taken at the NJIPMS November meeting.

© James Merrigan 2005

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This article was published on Friday, September 27 2013; Last modified on Saturday, May 14 2016