Tamiya 1/32 F-16C

By Kai Reckstadt

Image 01

Here are some pics of my recently completed big scale Tamiya F-16C.

It is build straight out of the box with some additions:

Image 02

For all the detailing I used the awesome DACO-Book "Uncovering the Lockheed Martin F-16 A/B/C/D" by Nico Deboek and Danny Coremans which I can highly recommend.

The engine and part of the Sidewinders were painted with Alclad II paints, which are really easy to use. For the Sidewinders I also used bare-metal-foil.

Image 03 Image 04

The painting of the aircraft was done with XTRACOLOR colors. I used a special technique for painting: I first painted the complete camouflage, then preshaded the whole plane and then airbrushed the camouflage with a thin mix a second time. Afterwards you do not have to use oil-paints for weathering of panel-lines (except whre decals cross them). The result looks more realistic to me than doing it in the "normal" way.

Weathering was done with pastels and the one of the new TAMIYA "Weathering Sets" which really works great.

The only remaining work for me is to build the trolley for the engine.
Happy modeling!

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© Kai Reckstadt 2007

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