Trumpeter 1/32 Corsair

By Tony O'Toole

Here's my Trumpeter Corsair in British Pacific Fleet markings and enclosed photos for adding to your website if they are OK. It is the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale kit from the box with wing tips clipped, 2 x Revell Typhoon bombs under the wings and Techmod decals. The Corsair that I built was JT634/ 137/P of 1834 NAS from HMS Victorious serving off the Sakashima Gunto islands near Okinawa and also Japan in mid to late 1945. This aircraft was the subject of a well known picture when it was serving as 147/Q aboard HMS Illustrious when it was featured in a series of shots crashing into the island of the carrier, but after repair it went on to serve as 137/ P as featured, but with the old codes painted over.

The old codes were painted on the model in slightly lighter tones of the base camouflage colours for the fuselage numbers but slightly darker for the tail `Q' to represent them being painted over, as seen in pictures of other similarly transferred Corsairs. To represent the US equivalent paints used on Corsairs for the Temperate Sea Scheme I used Polyscale Dark Slate Grey, Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky which seem to accurately portray the Olive Drab, Sea Grey and Light Grey that was applied in the US on the full sized aircraft.

© Tony O`Toole 2006

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