Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109G-6

By Angelo Picardo

This is the Hasegawa kit. It was built straight out of the box except for the decals which were from EagleCals. I painted it using XtraColor enamels and gave it a weathered look to represent the heavy usage that these planes got during the latter stages of the war. The pilot is the one from the kit with a white metal head I found in my spares box. I do not remember where I got it from. I started to build the kit some years back when it was first issued but gave up on it when the paint scheme went wrong. I resurrected it by a quick dip in clutch oil which strips off the paint pretty quickly but leaves the plastic alone. It then required a good wash in household detergent and I could start again. Definitely a favourite of mine. I like the late war 109s so much that before any commercial kits were available I once converted a Matchbox 109E into a G-10. I still have it and might give it a dust down and send in some pictures of it.

© 2005 Angelo Picardo

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