Revell 1/32 Indian AF MiG-21 MF Fishbed

By Bernd Kramer

Here is my Indian AF Fishbed in 1/32nd scale. It's the common Revell kit, which was built straight out of the box. I used Model Master Enamel colors to airbrush it and the Albatros decal set #ALC/3202 Weird MiG-21s Part II. The jets striking color scheme consists two shades of green and sand over light blueish gray. The black tail with two yellow flashes on each side was used for ACM-training. This Fishbed was operated by the No. 3 Squadron "Cobras" commander (during the 1980s, I guess). The masking of the sheme took me about 5 hours and a lots of masking foil. You may recocgnize the additional antenna right behind the speed indicator tube (I don't know the correct word - I am from Germany "I speak enklish fery vell - I learned it from a boook"). For this, a Tamiya F-4J antenna was used and sanded into a somewhat smaller size. As you can see, the finish of this model will definitely not meet your high standards, but maybe it's interesting for you nevertheless.

© 2005 Bernd Kramer

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